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        Product Catalog
        Custom Manufacturing

        Metfull offers custom-manufactured products from a wide variety of materials to meet clients’ unique portfolios. We can adapt our base products according to your requirements or manufacture what you need according to your drawings/samples.

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        Pull Handles & Glass Door Knobs
        Lever Handles & Knobs
        Door Stops & Hinges
        Flush Bolts
        Thumb Turns & Indicators
        Coat Hooks
        Handrail Hardware
        Dust Proofs
        Custom Manufacturing

        Add: No.18 Dongmu Road, Hi-tech Industrial
           zone, Jianghai District, Jiangmen,
           Guangdong, China
        Tel: +86 (750) 3697592/ 3697591/ 3803806
        Fax: +86 (750) 3808992
        Email: info@metfull.com/ julie@metfull.com

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